Water Engines
and Memorial of Viktor Kaplan


Water Engines and Memorial of Viktor Kaplan

Apart from manpower and farm animals, water has been the oldest employed source of energy. It was immensely important and indispensable from the beginning of the development of technology and industry. Water engines have been used until the present time and in some countries a high percentage of electricity is produced in this way. An initial part of the display documents the construction and application of water wheels used to drive mills, blowers, stamping mills and pumps. Water wheels were gradually replaced with water turbines which have undergone a difficult development process in its 170 years of existence.

On display are older turbine models as well as Pelton wheels, Francis turbines and Kaplan turbines with large, mostly moving machines. The display explains the principle of water engines, their types and application including cavitation, control of operation of the turbines, water cannons with turbines and their overall production.

One part of the display is devoted to Viktor Kaplan, a significant Austrian German inventor who worked as a professor at the German Brno University of Technology and an engineer of a new type of water turbine – Kaplan turbines.



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