One of the Few Functional Originals in Central Europe



A luminous panorama (stereoscope) is a device used to view stereoscopic images. This device can be used by a maximum number of twenty five people at the same time. Owing to optical laws the panorama creates an impression of three-dimensionality of the observed picture. Luminous panoramas are the predecessors of cinemas and were a popular amusement at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

This device belonging to TMB is one of few operable originals in Central Europe.  Each month you can watch different images. The display is in the Art Nouveau and Post-Art Nouveau styles as it was at the time when it was in everyday use. The documentation about stereoscopy development including an explanation of the principle of its operation and other interesting displays are part of the exhibition.

You can visit just this display, without having to go to other museum displays.
Regular ticket: 20 CZK; Reduced ticket 10 CZK.

Panorama programme in 2019

Series of images
Portugal Jan. new images
European Baroque Feb. old images
Czechoslovak Fortification March new images
Bell Workshop of the Dytrych Family April new images
Austria – Styria May old images
Armenia June new images
Vietnam July old images
Bonsai Aug. new images
Italy Sept. old images
Glassworks in Květná Oct. new images
Denmark, Sweden, Norway Nov. old images
Christmas Creches Dec. new images

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