Magic Himalaya
29. 4. – 30. 9. 2017

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The exhibition Magic Himalaya opened on April 29, 2017 offers authentic exhibits from Himalaya which document nearly a thirty-year-long time period.  It concentrates on particularities of the four Himalaya countries – Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India – and also depicts nature with the high mountains and the mountain jungle. The exhibition combines reality with mystical features, exactly the way as it is in the countries.

The exhibition also makes the visitor acquainted with the phenomenon of mountain climbing and  various aspects of this strenuous sport. The exhibition also offers interactive elements which evoke the picture of a real ice wall or the base camp. It displays articles necessary to get on the mountain tops – both historical and the modern ones. The best Czech mountain climbers Radek Jaroš, Adam Urban and others participated in the preparation of the exhibition.

Large-size photographs of Radek Jaroš and the traveller Jiří Kolbaba bring the atmosphere of countries which attract vistitors with beauty of the nature, philosphy and religion.

The exhibition will by held till September 30, 2017.

The exhibition is a result of cooperation between the Technical Museum in Brno and the Livingstone travel agency.

Photo: TMB

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